Valuing Your Trade-In Online

When it comes time to upgrade your ride, trading-in your current vehicle is a great way to start the process. Taking your car to a dealership in Bonner's Ferry or Libby, MT, for an appraisal can be tricky, stressful, or just not possible. So, take some time and use our helpful online trade-in tool. We can calculate your vehicle's value and give you some potential options moving forward.

How Our Tool Works

This trade-in tool works in three easy steps. First, you need to enter your car's information. With the make, model, year, and brand, you'll be off to the races. You'll provide your zip code so we know if you are from Sagle, ID, Spirit Lake, ID, or anywhere else in the area. Make sure you are entering the information correctly so you get the most accurate offer.

After these things are punched in, you will be prompted to add a bit more. At the "Your Options" phase, you can add if you have extra features or specific packages. With this information, we can add value to your trade-in.

Finally, you get to the last step. Here, you can provide your name, number, email, and other basic requirements. Also, you can put what your dream car is. Then you simply finish, and your trade-in value will be displayed. You will get a detailed report in your email as well, so you can reference it whenever.

The Perks of Valuing Online

We aim to make this whole process easy, along with all of our services. That is why our online tool is quick and needs no unnecessary information. This tool streamlines the entire trade-in process and eliminates a trip to the dealership.

Try it for Yourself

If you have a car to trade-in here in Ponderay, ID, or out in Newport, WA, we hope you make use of our secure online tool. This is just another way that Mike White Ford of Sandpoint aims to help our drivers.